Brown Sauce - Pauline Lagan

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After taking a job as a receptionist in a plush hotel, Davina Brown meets distillery manager Hamish Hamilton, whose unwavering admiration for her fuller figure gives her the confidence to step out from the shadow of her slender younger sister, Marge, and grab life by the balls.


Encouraged by Hamish to make best use of her assets, Davina finds herself embroiled in a lucrative business and uses the fruits of her labour to make sensible investments for the future.


With only one missing piece remaining in her (somehow) near-perfect life, Davina – having acquired the self-confidence she so desperately lacked in her formative years – seeks to bag her childhood sweetheart, Logan McIntyre.


But, in her pursuit of happiness, family unrest and complex affairs of the heart raise their ugly heads, putting Davina at the centre of a hive of dilemmas, secrets and lies, making her question whether she has the mettle to cut the right wires, restore family harmony and fulfil her heart’s desire.


Straddling the genres of comedy, literary fiction, erotica and romance, Brown Sauce is a laugh out loud romp in the hay, but its tenderness and emphasis on family – big and dysfunctional in Davina’s case – shines through like a peroxide blonde perm.